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Name: Christmas Break

Description: arkanoid clone.

Number of Times Played: 111


Name: Ninja Eyes

Description: Its here! NINJA EYES!!!!!! Test your self to see if your eyes are the eyes of a ninja! I love Reviews but pleas keep it a "review!" don't simply say i loved it or i hated it say why you loved it or why you hated it!

Number of Times Played: 66


Name: Flash Revamped

Description: Arrow keys to move through the mazes.

Number of Times Played: 52


Name: Rocket Assault

Description: Defend your moon base from the alien armada! Last as long as you can, blasting enemy missiles and ships while your base upgrades itself into a bunker of destruction!

Number of Times Played: 124


Name: Downhill Snowboard

Description: Physics based ragdoll snowboarding down various mountains. Do grab combinations and flips to score points

Number of Times Played: 13601


Name: Plant Life 2

Description: You play the role of a plant fighting for its life in this epic adventure, you'll have to fight your way through hoards of bugs, snails and catepillars in order to survive!

Number of Times Played: 46


Name: Dodge The Virus

Description: Dodge the virus

Number of Times Played: 85


Name: Industrial Tower Defense

Description: You, as a factory manager, have a rival, Evil Bob, whom is trying to take down all your factories. You can build a variety of towers, upgrade your technology, or build more factories. Can you prevent Evil Bob from destroying your career?

Number of Times Played: 133


Name: Bailout

Description: Cut the golden parachutes and recover as much money as you can from the wall street fat cats!

Number of Times Played: 70

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