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Name: Car Race Champ

Description: Race your car to the goal before the fuel is over. Use UP/DOWN keys to move the car. Use LEFT/RIGHT keys to steer the car.

Number of Times Played: 438


Name: Super Race

Description: It's the first intergalactic race for super heroes. Select your Super and race to win!

Number of Times Played: 508


Name: MiniCar Racing

Description: Race that MiniCar of yours through 6 different and challenging tracks! Fun for a very long time.

Number of Times Played: 489


Name: Overflew The Nagelan

Description: Riding a flying beast, you can break the record?

Number of Times Played: 501


Name: SandStorm

Description: You're racing a buggy through the desert in competition with 5 other computer controlled players. Complete laps by passing through highlighted checkpoints to win in game credits that afford faster buggies in later races. Learn the controls by playing the tutorial laps. Submit your best times to compete against the worldwide best.

Number of Times Played: 546


Name: Ne Ferao

Description: What happens if you drink and drive ???

Number of Times Played: 560


Name: OutDrive

Description: Retro styled driving game

Number of Times Played: 471


Name: Hippy Racing

Description: Race your hippy car through a hippy race track.

Number of Times Played: 358


Name: USS Racing

Description: Race Subarus, Lamborghinis, VWs and more on a range of tracks from snow to city to junk yards, in this fast and exciting racing game from USS Games. 5 cars and 4 tracks to unlock. *** note to publishers ** Mochi's zip files seem to be faulty, you only need the uss_racing.swf file, not both of the swf files! ***

Number of Times Played: 509

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