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Name: Monster Kitchen

Description: At the round restaurant of stone four monsters are dining, twist and turn the hole place so that the right order comes to the right guest!

Number of Times Played: 99


Name: Maze Box

Description: a pretty hard and challenging but interesting maze game is waiting for you...

Number of Times Played: 363


Name: Space Treasure

Description: wish you were an astronaut? Help this spaceship collect as many "Space Gems" as possible, and try to avoid all space vortexes along the way.

Number of Times Played: 193


Name: GameZcabin Slider

Description: Piece the original image together in this slider image puzzle game. Click a piece to move it in the open position. Make sure to strategize your moves to finish the puzzle.

Number of Times Played: 537


Name: Treasures

Description: Board the pirate ship! But be careful, it's at your own risk because the pirates will test you to the limit in this memory game!

Number of Times Played: 316


Name: River Defense

Description: River Defense is a tower defense game with a twist - critters don't follow predefined paths, and your towers can push and pull them around before destroying them. You can also watch others play in Spectate Mode.

Number of Times Played: 111


Name: Point of Isolation

Description: Move the mouse across the red lines to cut them. Each red dot is connected to two other dots by two lines, once both connections are broken that dot will burst. Make all the dots burst to move onto the next level. Making many dots burst at the same time will award "combo" points, the larger the combo number, the more points you get.

Number of Times Played: 118


Name: Candy Catcher

Description: Eat your way to heart failure through this fun, halloween styled game!

Number of Times Played: 135


Name: HyperSports 50m Swimming

Description: A flash remake of the HyperSports 50 metres Swimming event.

Number of Times Played: 91

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